When JYTTE approached us in their 25th year of business they had built an immense amount of credibility and success but needed to modernize their company for a new generation of online customers.


We started with an entirely new e-commerce website, building a new brand image that encapsulated their long-standing presence in the market while bringing a fresh new look at a masterfly designed product. With a new landing page for customers to learn more and purchase their own nordic beanie, we then created Instagram and Facebook accounts for JYTTE and began building a community of supportive new customers while encouraging our long time supporters to tag, comment, and join our new platform.


Customers from the entire lifetime of the company began excitedly sharing their products and stories, thrilled with a new place to rave about their favorite local product. Collaborative organizations, businesses, and publications quickly reached out to help build online presence for a company they had long adored and now JYTTE is reaching an entirely new audience! Now representing the quality of their product through their representation online, it is no surprise that JYTTE has quickly become one of the most engaging business accounts in their region.