Red Rooster Coffee Roaster


Red Rooster Coffee Roasters, a well-established coffee roasting company in the hills of VA approached us in need of a stronger following, they felt as though the brand they had grown was undervalued in the customer's mind due to their low-quality content and small amount of active followers


We identified the issues with their “Online Storefront” and helped them establish a branding plan for their social media that exemplified their incredible quality, personality, and employees, adding value to their establishment as well as their profile. 

In addition we brought in a photographer to capture their business and products in their natural and pure form, maintaining authenticity while producing entertaining and artistic content on their platforms.


Through organic techniques we grew their audience by 2k likes on facebook and 3,000 followers on instagram in only a few short months. Gaining them the credibility they needed.

Ryan Boyette, Founder & CEO