Social Media

October 2, 2019


Whether it’s the personal connection created through a cup of coffee, the relationship maintained through consistent product quality, or a fun and upbeat environment for your customers. Every business has a voice, a vision, and a personality. Whether this theme is derived from the owner, manger, employees, environment, or customer it is valuable and necessary that it’s shared in the content you post to your social platforms. 

There are many ways to achieve the voice and vision of your business online, but with all, a need for skilled content-creators is imperative. 

When approaching this task, ask yourself what aspect of your business best project that personality and highlight those on your socials. Next create an authentic dialog in your written content that confirms this personality and promotes the up-frontness of your movement. 

For instance, if your voice as a business is to promote “Shop Local” movements, utilize your visual content to post pics of a local farmer who supplies your product in some form. Pair that with written content something like this; “Meet James, the Local farmer who bring all our fresh eggs each morning for the yummy breakfast biscuits you enjoy on your way to work or the gym! James has been farming in this area for 20 years and is always ready with a fun story from the history of this town we love!” This example promotes the voice of your business in many ways, shouting out a local farmer, making the connection to your business that he has, and shows your local pride for the town out of which you operate. 

Authenticity is everything in small business. A marketing companies goal should never be to take over your social platforms and create uniformity to the rest of your competitors. Instead it should be to improve upon, add to, and build the voice your business has. Your content should appear authentic and entertaining as much to your long time followers as it does to a first time.